Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Not Old, Just Older.....

I just have to say....

Adam and I reached a very sobering moment in our lives this evening. It was 9pm, we were both in our pajamas, and I was folding laundry. Adam was flipping through the channels and left it on American Idol while he went to get a drink (which, by the way, is very often hot tea), so I glanced up at the screen, and blurted, "Who ARE these kids, anyway?" real cynical-like.

But THEN, I realized it: the joke's on ME! I blew off American Idol once Simon left and haven't looked back. But when I DID look back, not only did I not know one contestant, I didn't know any of the songs, nor could I have told you who was going to be in the judges' seats! And since when did Ryan Seacrest's hair get so big?!

Oh, sweet mercy. Then it all started falling apart...I had visions of Mom Jeans heading straight for me, and actually choosing to do most of my shopping at Christopher & Banks (no offense to any of you ladies who frequent there). I mean, really? Does anyone ever HOPE to one day have tastes in clothes that typically are part of a matching set, and almost always include an elastic waistband and some kind of embroidery?

I reminded Adam that he, too, was also susceptible to the ugly reality of aging: in the past year, he's confessed that he not only doesn't enjoy really gory, or superhero-laden movies, but he also hesitates to "go for it" when he plays sports; that the risk of injury is too much! And remember the hot tea in the evening? TEA, people!

By the end of our conversation, though, we had decided that old people may be on to something: think of the freedom of your clothes always being comfortable, never feeling pressure to be trendy (a lost cause by then), and just realizing how the cycle of "stuff" goes (want stuff, save money to buy stuff, spend too much money on the stuff, get bored with stuff, run out of room to put new stuff, give stuff away for free. repeat.). Maybe being old's not so bad...

Oh, Mom Jeans. Please be gentle.....and take your time!

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